How to become a TAMA Member

Telugu Association of Metro Atlanta (TAMA) was formed in 1981. Over the years it has grown and has become an integral part of Telugu Community in Metro Atlanta with more than 3500 members. TAMA send email newsletters to its members regularly. For advertising please send email to .Subscribing to newsletters is also easy by sending us an email to

Type of Memberships available

Life Membership:

  • One time US $150 (single or for a family).

Biennial Membership:

  • One time US $40 (family).
  • One time US $20 (Single).

You can either pay online here or by downloading membership form here and sending a check to TAMA.

After we receive your membership form with fee confirmation receipt will be emailed you back or you can also check back to see your name in TAMA members list here.


Membership ID Card Benefits for Life Members.
  • There are many benefits becoming a TAMA member. Once you receive your ID card you can use it to get discounts in all participating stores. You can find those details at
Membership List.
Update your Membership details

TAMA will be mailing your Life Membership cards shortly to you. To help TAMA in that process, we request you to please check your membership details with TAMA. A list of Life Members and their available data is posted on our website at In order to safeguard your privacy, your mailing address or email address or phone numbers are not posted. However, we have indicated which of the above mentioned is missing in our database for each of our Life Members. We request you to please check our website and provide pertinent missing data through the online form posted on the website. Membership cards can be used for identification purposes at our upcoming TAMA Event and also to avail special discounts at select grocery stores and Indian restaurants around the town. So, please take a few minutes to check our website and update any missing data. In the same context you may also receive phone calls from our volunteers requesting for missing information.



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