Dunwoody Station Apartments Fire Update
Update on the Apartment fire. We are happy to report that we were able to help all the residents get their documentation. It seemed like a miracle that we were able to achieve this. Following up on our Sunday meeting with the residents, we created a support group of all the resident contacts so that we can effectively communicate with them and also they can collaborate on the follow up items.

Tuesday was the day when the apartment residents we told to come back to see if they can salvage anything from their apartments. TAMA team lead by Vinay Maddineni was there first thing in the morning and started working with the Apartment management and the residents to coordinate the relief efforts. We provided the residents with information about how to go about getting their documentation which was very detail oriented prepared by noted immigration attorney Ravi Mannam from Mannam and Associates. TAMA team being the only Indian organization on the ground also worked with the Disaster Recovery operations team and managed to get the most needed items especially documentation and also gold and jewellery items for some residents. We are really proud of the fact that we were able to retrieve documentation for 100% of the impacted residents.

We also helped the residents with retrieving and loading luggage into their cars and moving into their new apartments. The residents were very thankful to the support from the TAMA team especially President Vinay Maddineni, Board Secretary Nagesh Doddaka, Sports Secretary Manoj Tatikonda, Bharat Maddineni, Balanarayana Madda who took time off from work to come and help on Tuesday.

Some testimonials from the residents :

Thank you everyone for all the support and help! Really really appreciate it!

Thank for your support.really really appreciate it

Thanks guys for having a tremendous support ::)) appreciated kindly::))

Many thanks Vinay, Balu and team for the tremendous support

Thank you so very much, Vinay, for this support Thanks so so much

Yeah really TAMA helped us a lot

Thanks everyone for tremendous support. We all are definitely grateful

Support from generous people is making our transition smooth

On Wednesday evening we conducted a Q & A session at the TAMA office for the residents with attorney Ravi Mannam, who was gracious enough to volunteer help from his firm also with couple of his associates.

As of now most of the residents has settled down and we will be following up with them if there is any need. If you would like to support this initiative, you can still donate @ www.tama.org/payments as soon as you can.




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